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Groccy Exclusive Packages



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Groccy Premium Package

Budget Package / GEP

Your Rs. 6000 = Rs 12000*

Groccy Premium Package

1 Package

Price: 6000

Detail Description

Groccy Exclusive Premium Package 

           Rs. 6000 = Rs. 12000

(a) The customer gets Rs. 6000/- in his/her online wallet plus  Rs. 3000/- in the form of                    

VEG Coupons &Rs. 3000/- in the form of GRO Coupons.

  (I) VEG coupons:

8 Coupons of Rs. 100/- (Prefixed with VEG)

VEG100A, VEG100B, VEG100C, VEG100D, VEG100E, VEG100F, VEG100G, VEG100E.

6 Coupons of Rs. 200/-  (Prefixed with VEG)

VEG200A, VEG200B, VEG200C, VEG200D, VEG200E, VEG200F.

4 Coupons of Rs. 250/- (Prefixed with VEG)  VEG250A, VEG250B, VEG250C, VEG250D.


 (II) GRO Coupons:     

3 Coupons of Rs. 1000/- (Prefixed with GRO)

GRO1000JAN, GRO1000FEB, GRO1000MAR. 

Respectively as per the m onth of purchase.


(a) Every GRO coupon has a validity – the customer can redeem 1 coupon (maximum upto Rs. 1000/-)  within 30 days from the date of issue, unless it will expire. The start date and the end date will be calculated and stored.  The GRO Coupons are not valid on Patanjali & Pet Care categories.

Coupon 1 (GRO1000APR) - From 10th April to 09th May

Coupon 2 (GRO1000MAY) - From 10th May to 09th June

Coupon 3 (GRO1000JUN) - From 10th June to 09th July

One cannot use multiple GRO coupons in the same bill only one coupon could be used in 1 month.

For a bill of Rs.4000/- a GRO Coupon of Rs.1000/- could be used. This could only be used if one is buying Products from Grocery Category worth Rs.4000/-


(b) The VEG Coupons will be valid for 90 days from the date of purchase. They can be used anytime within the stipulated time frame.  One can use multiple coupons in the same bill. The coupon will be used upto 50% of the bill value (not less). For eg. For a bill of Rs. 200/- a  VEG Coupons of Rs. 100/- could be used – but if you try using a VEG  Coupon of Rs. 250/- it  will not allow you to do so. This could only be used if one is buying Products from Fruits or Vegetables Category.


(c) A user can use all the 3 (Wallet, VEG Coupon and GRO Coupon) in the same bill.


(d) In a single bill if items are selected from different categories, Coupons will be applied as per the category only (not as per the total bill) – meaning VEG Coupon will be applied only for items in Vegetables or Fruit Category and GRO Coupon will be applied only for items in Grocery, Confectionery, Instant Food, Herbal & Ayurveda, Beverages, Household, Baby & Kids, Poultry, Meat & Sea Food, Beauty & Personal Care, Health Supplements, Imported & Gourmet and Organic. The GRO Coupons are not valid on Patanjali & Pet Care categories.


(e) 90 Minutes delivery is not applicable on Patanjali & Pet Care categories.

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